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Obtain legal rights for social media content using the Linkies automated Legal Rights Management system.

And pair that with the Spongecell rich media delivery platform to promote your events, products and brand. By leveraging the best photos, videos and social testimonials your audience creates, placed in your digital and mobile advertising.

In today’s digitally-driven world, your best brand storytellers, filmmakers and photographers are your customers. Without a single conversation with your marketing team, they continue to produce content that demonstrates your products, displays engagement at events, and tells the evolution story of your brand. Some of this content is good. Most is crap. And some is great.

It’s the great content we care about. But obtaining legal rights to this content can be a messy process. And by the time you obtain the rights, the best opportunity to use may have already passed. Not anymore.

Use the slideshare below to see how the Linkies system works.

To reassure any of your concerns, we’ve worked closely with legal council at major advertising agencies to ensure the proper visuals and metadata are recorded, to legally-guarantee the social content is yours to use in online displays, offline collateral and signage, paid advertising, and whatever other needs arise.

To request more information, send us an email, call us at (586)201-3686 or contact your Spongecell representative.


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