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Capture the conversation.

As a social media aggregator, Linkies captures hashtags across major social networks, organizes them in one place, and displays them to the world to make interacting on the web as simple as it was intended.

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How It Works

Why Linkies?

Let’s face it—the social web has grown too big for its own good, and it’s not getting smaller anytime soon. As a result, it’s more challenging than ever for brands to get in on conversations, or even monitor them in the first place. But as nerve-wracking as this sounds, there’s an alternative to reaching for those anti-anxiety meds, and it’s called Linkies.

So what’s so great about Linkies?

It brings social together.

Linkies curates hashtagged conversations from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr into one repository, making it ridiculously easy to see what people are saying about your company.

It gives you a leg up.

By giving you the ability to quickly analyze social data in real-time, Linkies helps you identify who your key influencers are, what conversations are happening where, and how you can become a meaningful part of them. After all, only when you hear what your customers are saying can you truly deliver what your customers want.

It’s fully customizable.

Linkies allows you to modify and display social posts in a way that’s consistent with your brand’s visual style.

It’s sharable with the world.

Your Linkies feed can be embedded in a website, seen on any mobile device, and displayed on monitors—or even stadium jumbotrons—at events. Each display can be customized for the best brand experience, and controlled via your Linkies dashboard.

Case Studies

Detroit Lions

To create hype around the 2014 NFL Draft and the new Detroit Lions campaign, Linkies created a #OnePride fan wall and embedded it within the team’s website.

Michigan Democratic Party

To help raise money at the Jefferson Jackson Fundraiser featuring former president Bill Clinton, Linkies created a live social display. The #mijeffjack hashtag was so successful that it trended nationally during the event.

Lowe Campbell Ewald

This ad agency hired Linkies to set up a real-time feed of conversations about their 40+ brands on the 3-story LED screen hanging in their new Detroit office.

#XG2D (X Games to Detroit) Campaign

To bring the X Games to Detroit, Linkies curated all #XG2D social media conversations and embedded them in Despite Austin winning the bid, the #XG2D hashtag was posted more than any other competing city.

Brandcamp University

Linkies created a live event display for Brandcamp University that encouraged attendees to post about the event with the #BCamp13 hashtag. In the end, two-thirds of all attendees participated, and exposed the university far beyond the event, itself.

Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce

LAt the 2013 Urban Economic Conference in Detroit, Linkies created a live display that encouraged attendees to post about an event they normally wouldn’t. And the plan worked—during the event, the #UECdet13 hashtag trended locally on Twitter.